Here I am in Beijing in China, getting my art on, painting when I can, going to work usually, studying Chinese. Well, I decided it was high time to attend some of these art exhibitions I’ve been hearing about. After all, this is the capital of the Yellow Throne, of the Mainland, right? I’m talking about Beijing.

I invite you henceforth to ‘link to’, ‘link back’, and add your comments about the subsequent pictures. Art in China Trebuchet is all about this sort of cooperation. What is going on artistically where you are living? Let us know. Do you know what kind of art is occurring in Beijing? Well, I’ll be showing you a bit of it, and with minimal commentary (save for this first blurb, as I’m feeling type-ative).

Within the few coming months, Art in China Trebuchet should be linking to the U.K. through a very lovely person living over amid those waters.

So, we are off.

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I went to this Oil Painting exhibit a few weeks ago. It was showing at Today Art Gallery in Chaoyang District, Beijing.