Welcome to Art in China Trebuchet.

What is this all about?

I want to provide a method for sharing what I have seen of Art in China, an easy way for outsiders who say to themselves, “I wonder what kind of art is occuring in China?” to be able to get just that, if only a sample.

How is it happening?
I am posting pictures I have taken at various art exhibitions, typing my two cents about the overall shows, linking back to the artist’s websites and anybody related to the show…and that is it!

And YOUR part?
Do the same thing for your current area and link back to artinchinatrebuchet.wordpress.com
The goal here would be an unadulterated, non-bullshit art “sneek-preview” for many many places throughout the globe. I suspect many other social networking sites could be involved. In fact, look for ArtinChina Trebuchet (Beijing) on Facebook soon.